Kenza Transformation services include operating model design that unifies people and machines

Operating model design

Forging value through human-machine synergy

We put customer experience at the heart of your business and design next-generation operating models that unify people and machines.

An operating model defines how a business runs. It fuses corporate vision and strategy into people, processes and performances, creating value for all stakeholders and nurturing growth.

An intelligent operating model delivers customer-centric products and services with speed, using automation and optimization technology. These advances free up resources so more meaningful work can flourish.

But technology alone is not enough. To arrive at a culture of purpose, performance and growth, your people must be educated and empowered to use these tools.

The effect of optimization technologies such as AI, robotics and advanced analytics on jobs is neutral. Research shows that physical and digital robots cannot displace humans. Working side-by-side is the answer, as we all aim to spread newfound knowledge with the world.

Germany has quadrupled the amount of industrial robots it has installed in the last 20 years, without causing human redundancies.

How we will serve you

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The future operating model is human-machine centered. Our services will get you there.

  • Operating model assessment
  • Business process design
  • Operating model design
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Measurement architecture
  • Implementation management

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