Kenza Transformation services include business innovation design with business model patterns

Business innovation design

Open ecosystems that keep you relevant

We ignite value through consumer-centric business model patterns, and design open digital ecosystems that put you at the heart of society.

The business model is a powerful value driver that is best applied with purpose. It defines how you bring prosperity to your customers and yourself.

In the digital economy, business models are evolving from linear pipelines to connected platforms, as customers now demand the seamless integration of products and services to fulfil their ambitions. They expect new interfacing technologies to quickly act on their desires, regardless of industry and market.

Kenza Transformation machine

Most innovators succeed at creating value for customers but not themselves. To create value for  all, people and technologies must work as one to reap great rewards. Personalization, co-creation, mass customization and servitization to name a few. This bold vision requires focused investments and serious business transformation commitments.

The overall global digital transformation market is expected to reach $ 2.3 trillion by 2025, with the customer experience business services market contributing $32 billion per year. This is not a trend – it’s a new beginning. 


More than two-thirds of companies compete on the basis of customer experience.

How we will serve you

Embrace openness. Create holistic value.
A open business model brings meaning to every interaction. We will help you thrive.

  • Business model assessment
  • Business case
  • Business model design
  • Prototyping
  • Venture architecture
  • Go-to-market roadmap

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