Kenza marketing transformation customer-centric operating model for the digital and digital age

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Taking a global marketing organization to new heights of value creation: Smarter, faster, easier, and more efficient.

The challenge:

Design a radically consumer-centric, agile and intelligent marketing operating model for the virtual and digital age.


  • Comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of the current marketing organization (1.000+ FTE)
  • Comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of the current marketing operating model
  • Performance auditing (annual budget $1BN+)
  • Design a closed-loop success and measurement framework
  • Design a future-ready, customer-centric marketing operating model


  • Increase in informed decision-making across the entire ecosystem
  • Save 20% of marketing expenditure by increasing value creation
  • Faster and more effective time-to-market
  • Development of agile and digital marketing capabilities


  • Transformation Wheel®, a proven approach of adapting to changing socio-economic, technological, market and consumer trends 

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