Our story

Making leaps through imagination, design and technology. Our journey from past to present and future.


Pioneering avatar design

Creation of virtual characters to improve customer and employee experiences.

3D brand designAvatar designWebGLSocial webWeb3
3D brand designAvatar designWebGLSocial webWeb3


Start of basic research

Start of scientific research in the area of web3, decentralized business models and transformation design.

Web3BlockchainCryptocurrencyArtificial intelligenceIoT
CryptocurrencyBlockchainWeb3Artificial intelligenceIoT

2017 – 2019

Immersive experiences & applications

Creation and delivery of globally scaled immersive experiences

MetaverseVRWebGLUnity3D Brand DesignDigital twin
MetaverseVRWebGLUnity3D Brand Design

2018 – present

Global transformation projects

Managing the transformation of global market leaders

Business transformationBrand transformationTechnology adoptionCustomer experiencePlatform development
BusinessBrandTechnologyCustomer ExperiencePlatform

2020 – present

Scientific publications

Publication of peer reviewed scientific papers in the area of web3, decentralized business models and transformation design.

Web3BlockchainCryptocurrencyBusiness innovationTechnology adoption
Web3Business innovationBlockchainTechnology adoption

2023 – present

Industry and market studies

Applied studies to identify innovation adoption across key industries

MetaverseWeb3NFTInnovation adoption
MetaverseWeb3NFTInnovation adoption

2023 – present

3D branding and immersive experiences

Creating culturally momentous experiences for the virtual age

3D brand designMetaverseWeb3NFTAIUnreal Engine
3D brand designUnreal EngineMetaverseWeb3NFTAI

Our purpose

Kenza is a place of revelation.
Of freedom, spirit, oneness.
Where tiny steps equal great strides.
Where momentum never ceases.

Look around:
every ability, every passion, every culture.
Limitless in imagination, guided by Greatness beyond the self.

Realizing visions and sharing them with the world.
For the prosperity of everyone and everything.

Always reaching for the impossible.
Can you feel it?
The energy within?
Embrace it.
Cherish it.
Go with it.

Because the only way you can be in this place
is to move in the first place.
It can be done.

This is transformation for the mindful.