Poetry of
mindful motion


The next generation of culturally momentous experiences


Creating a metaverse and web3-driven design system and immersive experiences in collaboration with David Soares, one of the world’s leading principal ballet dancers.


  • Applied research
  • Empirical studies
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Ballet choreography
  • 3D brand identity
  • 3D/CGI design & animation
  • 3D/CGI character design
  • 3D/CGI environment design
  • 3D/CGI collectibles design
  • Digital fashion
  • Digital jewelry
  • Digital art
  • Sound design
  • Metaverse/Web3 strategy
  • Technology architecture

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Poetry of mindful motion –

a transformative voyage

01 / Brand identity

An immersive identity for the virtual age


Kenza is a female name of Mideast and North African origin, meaning “hidden treasure”. It’s curious and spirited energy can radiate to others, spreading creative vitality along with its inner glow of novel thinking and new social connections

Flourishing with a minimal color palette

A logo turns into reality

02 / Concept & design

3D character development

Journey of discovery – Rumi’s “Garden of the Soul”

Read poem

Precious soul, embark on the wondrous

journey to the sea of meaning.

Remember, you have passed through many stages. 
Do not resist, surrender to the journey.

Wash your wings from the earth’s clay
and follow the trail of those before you.

Do not linger in the potter’s shop.
Break the jug and flow with the stream of life.

Rush down from the mountain to the sea
for the mountain offers no refuge.

Do not wander east or west,
aim straight at the sun.

From its light, like the moon,
you will sometimes be a crescent
and sometimes full.

03 / Design & development

Intertwining the realms of digital fashion, jewelry and art

Digital fashion
Garment odyssey /

Digital jewelry
Radiant revelations /
Jewelry mask

Digital jewelry
Ethereal elegance /
Jewelry rings

Digital art
Vivid visions /
Canvas collection


04 / Design & development

3D environment & architecture