Kenza Transformation services include business innovation design with business model patterns

Senior Business Designer

The story

The business model: a powerful value driver that is best applied with purpose. It defines how companies bring prosperity to its stakeholders. In the digital economy, business models are evolving to connected platforms, as customers now demand the seamless integration of products, services and experiences to fulfil their ambitions. They expect new interfacing technologies to quickly act on their desires, regardless of industry and market.


Kenza Transformation digital patterns and human 1

Our search

Kenza is looking for a Senior Business Designer to help creating and implementing future-ready strategies and business models. You have a strong background in venture architecture and business innovation design projects. Based on the undeniable objective to translate research and data analytics into breakthrough future solutions, you will be supporting the design process of business models, measurement frameworks, business cases, operating models and transformation roadmaps. We trust you are experienced in human-centered business design methods, capable to solve complex business challenges, possess strong solution-oriented interpersonal skills and have a native curiosity to learn from other disciplines.

Your calling

Actively participate in international innovation design projects that will spur personal growth. Benefit from executive support and an established, diverse knowledge network. Enhance your skills with free training, certifications and learning paths as part of a warm-hearted and multidisciplinary team.



Your qualifications and expertise

  • Master’s degree or PHD in business science/economic science
  • 5+ years of experience in international business innovation design projects
  • Excellent understanding of how to solve business challenges through human-centered design processes and techniques
  • Ability to inspire teams and customers with progressive thinking and action
  • Strong dedication to detail, precision and analytical capabilities
  • Excellent written and verbal capabilities in English
  • Experience and readiness to work in agile environments
  • Ability to think, see and apply the values of diversity and openness

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