Operations Manager


The story

Today’s business structures are often complex and highly dynamic. A big-picture perspective is essential in enhancing productivity and efficiency in every area. The key to it all: great operation management. It can turn a good company into an excellent company, and ensures the expectations and needs of customers are met head-on.


Our search

Kenza is looking for an operation manager to support leadership in finance, resource and governance. You have a background in managing creative and design offices, and a talent for facilitating a positive working atmosphere. You will be responsible for reviewing and managing finance and resource, as well as helping to promote a company culture that encourages smooth operation and high morale. We trust you are experienced in finance management, controlling, possess strong solution-oriented interpersonal skills and have a native curiosity to learn from other disciplines.

Your calling

Actively participate in transformational, global customer projects that will spur personal growth. Benefit from executive support and an established, diverse knowledge network. Enhance your skills with free training, certifications and learning paths as part of a cutting-edge, warm-hearted, international and multidisciplinary Kenza team.



Your qualifications and expertise

  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in operations management, business science, economic science, marketing or communications
  • 4+ years’ experience in operations and finance
  • Ability to inspire and support teams and stakeholders to meet business objectives
  • Excellent understanding and practice of finance, P&L, cash-flow management and tax reporting
  • Dedication to detail, precision and analytical capabilities
  • Excellent written and verbal capabilities in German and English
  • Ability to think, see and apply the values of diversity and openness
  • Strong goal- and solution-driven capabilities

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